Fighting inequality in the UK

Fighting inequality in the UK follows the stories of three activists:

Hannah, an 18-year-old Muslim woman from Acton, West London;

Aisling, a Brighton-based activist organising around the housing and homelessness crisis in the city;

Tracey, a community worker supporting local people in Teesside to take local action and campaign for economic and social justice.

The UK is the world’s 5th richest country, and 14 million people are living in poverty – including one in five British children. Meanwhile, the wealth of the UK’s richest continues to grow by billions year on year. The ever-increasing divide between the rich and poor is destroying British society.

But inequality is not inevitable; it is a result of deliberate, political decisions. 

Fighting inequality in the UK shows us that by coming together and acting with haste and urgency, a different future is already being built from the grassroots up.

A special thanks to the inspiring activists featured in the film for providing an insight into their daily lives, offering their solutions for a fairer society, and for doing the fantastic work they do every single day. Thanks also to Bollo Brook Youth Centre, ACORN Brighton – Community & Renters’ Union and Thrive Teesside.

Produced, filmed and directed by Ben Crowe, ERA Films.

This film was produced by The Equality Trust and generously funded by the Fight Inequality Alliance and Trust for London.

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