Stories of Inequality

Lost in Live-in Care Work

Untold stories of racism, discrimination, abuse and humiliation of BAME live-in care workers Is the over-emphasis of BAME communities being the worst affected, hit and killed by COVID-19 creating other problems that many of us do not realise or think to be that important? Such things as tensions in workplaces, tensions between front line workersContinue reading “Lost in Live-in Care Work”

The Man

Stephen Armstrong, who is studying BA (Hons) Education Studies in MSc Inequality and Society, tells us about the man


“It’s hard to think of anything better calculated to exacerbate all your insecurities about whether you appear as successful or as a failure, interesting or dull, clever or stupid, well-educated or ignorant, than being ranked by class”—The Inner Level.

Fighting inequality in the UK

Fighting inequality in the UK follows the stories of three activists: Hannah, an 18-year-old Muslim woman from Acton, West London; Aisling, a Brighton-based activist organising around the housing and homelessness crisis in the city; Tracey, a community worker supporting local people in Teesside to take local action and campaign for economic and social justice. The UK is the world’sContinue reading “Fighting inequality in the UK”

Inequality is racism

“You’re living in a block, but down there you can see nice houses … when you peep outside your window you just see people living lavish, living better than you.” Hannah Haji, a young Muslim woman in London talks about the impact of gentrification and “regeneration” in London, and how London’s current housing crisis isContinue reading “Inequality is racism”

“Did your parents buy your house off Mrs Thatcher?” and other degrading comments

A long read exploring the differences between material poverty and perceived cultural inequalities, and how the author began to recognise the impact of inequality on her self-esteem whilst at university. I grew up in Tottenham, North London for the first 18 years of my life as a very conscious and progressive child and teen. IContinue reading ““Did your parents buy your house off Mrs Thatcher?” and other degrading comments”

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